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For After hours myCampus Portal and Password Support only:  Please use this form only for after hours / holiday support for the myCampus Portal and for afterhours password support



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Reset Password

If you have forgotten your password and have previously set your security questions and answers in myCampus, then you may reset your password here.

Your password must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be at least seven (7) characters long.
  • Must contain numbers and letters (UPPERCASE and lowercase).
  • Must contain a special character from the following list:
      ! % ^ * . + -
  • Must not contain any part of your name.

Note that beginning your password with a numeral or special character may cause problems. If this seems to be the case, please choose a different password.

If prompted below, please submit your username—in the form of firstname.lastname—to get started. Otherwise, please enter and confirm your new password.

Password Management Suite Password Management Suite

Password Reset Request
If you are unable to reset your password using the Reset Password portlet, you may use this form to request a password reset. Please provide as much information as possible in the fields below. Our staff will need this to verify your identity and contact you once your password has been reset.

Be sure to enter a valid e-mail address—one that you can actually check, not your SCCC/ATS Student Gmail address—below. After you successfully submit this form, eSupport will attempt to send a reply to that e-mail address to let you know that your request was received. Be aware that password reset requests submitted via this form—especially those submitted over the weekend—may take a couple of days to process; therefore, please do not call the Help Desk after submitting a ticket via this form.

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